Recruit right.
Every time.

We focus on your long term success. Elevating the experience of hiring and being hired.
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Our Story - The Cleeve Partnership

Recruit right.
Every time.

We focus on your long term success. Elevating the experience of hiring and being hired.
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We want to help businesses to get recruitment right and candidates to be treated with the respect they deserve. We formed the Cleeve Partnership because we firmly believe that the future of UK plc resides in the success of smaller high growth businesses and the people they employ.

Unfortunately, modern recruitment practices have evolved in such a way to create some significant impediments to growth. From your hiring strategy, to the breadth of talent you reach, to the amount you are spending, to how your candidates are treated.

People are your most important resource. There is a much better way of finding them. We have looked individually at all of the problems we see and come up with a solution to address all of them.

The systemic failure of the recruiting industry can be ‘hidden’ but they are real. Businesses will be paying for them in some way.

The hidden but real pitfalls of current recruitment practices:

Emphasis on technical fit

this is no predictor of workplace success. Almost 50% of hires leave within 18 months due to poor cultural fit. Cultural fit is critical.


the barriers to entry in recruitment are low. There are many untrained and inexperienced recruiters. Yet these are the gatekeepers to your future talent.

Limiting your talent pool

posting to job boards that are AI-driven, accesses only active jobseekers. The best talent is often hidden and needs to be found.

No emphasis on quality

the majority of firms/ individuals are sales-led, driven by commissions and KPIs instead of talent quality and longer term cultural fit.


the commission-based pricing model has not changed in 50 years. It is unjustifiably expensive and is no incentive to secure the best candidate – just any candidate.


hope is not a strategy. You have to compete for talent. They will not just find you.

We are here to
change this.

We are here to change all this and to elevate the experience of hiring and being hired, bringing empathy and integrity back into the process. We partner with you from strategy to execution with a deep level of capability. Our singular focus is to get you the best talent out there that fits your company. We have the versatility, scalability and pricing to do ALL your recruitment from your Board right through to your Receptionist. And we get it right.The only recruitment service that guarantees its work.

Your virtual in-house partner to level the playing field in the competition for top tier talent, helping you cross the chasm to the next phase of sustainable growth. So you can….