Our People


     Natasha Cleeve

Natasha is the Recruitment expert and the founder of Cleeve Partnership.

A professional lifetime of hiring across sector and industry, she has recruited A LOT of people!  From CEO’s and both Non-Exec & Exec Boards, to Brain Surgeons and Psychiatrists, Technologists, Engineers, Turnaround specialists, HR teams, Marketeers and even Chauffeurs. Truthfully, it would be easier to say what she hasn’t recruited rather than what she has.  She really does know quite a lot about it.

A vehement advocate of ensuring that the human touch is not lost amongst the relentless advance of technology into recruitment processes, she is known for treating everyone as the individual they are. Clever enough to surround herself with lots of brilliant people who agree with her, she puts people, not tech at the heart of hiring and that underpins everything she does.


     Craig Murdie

You don’t find many ‘Craig’s’ in a business that leans towards recruitment, but Craig is no recruiter.

With an MEng from Imperial College and an MSc from Cranfield, his impressive career as an engineering and technology leader extends through such globally recognised brands as Rolls Royce, Atkins and Altran. Here, he fulfilled roles of increasing seniority and complexity before joining Cleeve Partnership.

Ask him why and he will tell you, but his purpose is to work with technology led businesses to help them scale to the greatest possible success. Inspired to help leadership teams build trust with their people, in turn increasing their productivity and loyalty, he will, with complete mastery of his craft, bring his expert insight and toolset for success into our clients to help them grow.



      Gina Sargunar

The Research Team is and always has been the power behind the throne of recruitment.

It is where the real depth of market knowledge and insight sits and with it, the skill and nuance to draw the right people into our client’s stories.

To do proper research requires the qualities of wisdom, experience and a constantly enquiring mind and these are the attributes that our exceptional Research Partner Gina has in abundance.  The more complex, the more challenging, the more impossible the task, her equanimity and vast knowledge brings peace to our hearts, no matter the challenge she faces.

A daughter, a mother and a secret rocker, Gina is a devoted attendee of festivals and knocks the rest of us into a cocked hat when it comes to her knowledge of the music scene.


Our Associates


     Kathryn Marshall

Kathryn leads our People Solutions business.

As an HR Board Director of 30 years standing for companies like Serco, Balfour Beatty and AWE, there are few more accomplished than she to advise and support CEO’s and Directors on the strategic and leadership changes required to deliver success. Her vast experience in supporting businesses through change has convinced her that everything connects back to organisational values and purpose. Together, these form the bedrock of the work she does.

Another wise soul that guides us as much as she does our clients, Kathryn’s secret talent is as a Gilbert and Sullivan opera singer, where her presence and voice will light up any stage. Maybe one day she will sing for us?



     James Bolle

James could be described as our secret weapon, leading as he does on our ‘Purpose’ offer.

Purpose is too often overlooked when building or growing a business and yet it is so critical in defining a clear and compelling customer proposition, inspiring people to deliver in the long term. ‘Purpose’ defines the reason you exist over and above simply making money and James was before his time in understanding how it is purposeful businesses that will have people flocking to work for them.

Critical to our offer to help businesses scale to success, James conceals a laser like mind with his most gentle demeanour. With his MBA and 20 years of market research and customer experience expertise he offers insights that elude the majority of us. But meet him and no one can overlook him! A secret weapon for sure.