It’s got to start somewhere!
May 25, 2021
I’ve been aghast at the recent experience of my network in looking for work through recruiters & that is at senior & exec level, whom you might at least expect not to be ghosted, ignored, called about completely the wrong jobs or made subject to the whimsy of ATS.

I think the Emperors new clothes are well and truly off now. Covid has stripped bare the facade of service & out they stand in the cold, naked & exposed for what they truly are. Sales outfits, offering no value to anyone. No more can I sit here and wonder when someone is going to do something. It must be me.

This isn’t about just giving a better service to hirers, although God knows, they deserve it. It’s also time to stop the horse trading of people – a product that is free, expendable, yet with a margin attached for service rarely given, but not even worth the effort of a feedback call.

So many of you are sitting on your thumbs, misunderstood, uncomprehended & set aside, because it’s gone wrong. All of it – from top to bottom & stem to stern, this game needs reinventing. Mediocrity & dull incomprehension ain’t gonna cut it.

It’s got to start somewhere, so I’m going to kick it off and I don’t doubt others will follow. The good guys are lost in the melee, but let those of us that can, elevate this game!