How long is too long for a CV?
May 29, 2021
Whilst I am on the subject of CV’s, let me take issue with the commonly held edict advanced by ‘who knows whom’, that CV’s must be two pages.

Let me debunk this myth. A two page CV is not a CV, it is a summary or resumé if you will (which literally means summary).

Its origin lies in professional headhunting, when non-active candidates being sourced for executive roles, unsurprisingly did not have CV’s, because they err…. weren’t looking for work. “No problem” we said, “can you just send me a two page summary then”.

If you’re struggling to cram your 20 or 30 year career into two pages and make it in any way comprehensible, you have my sympathy. (Incidentally, it isn’t, to anyone other than your intelligent audience – see previous post for explanation). Therefore, how useful is it?

My advice? Either ignore this silly rule and please yourself that you are represented thoroughly & accurately in a three or even four page document or challenge those that demand it as to why? Once enlightened, do enlighten me. I’d love to know. If I am persuaded otherwise, mea culpa & I shall admit as much.

Conscious that CV’s are a matter of opinion and every one has them, I just happen to think mine is one of the better ones on this subject.