Your stress-free path to accelerated business growth
the Cleeve Partnership


Your stress-free path to accelerated business growth

Partner with us, and solving your recruitment challenges becomes effortless.

When you can’t find the people you need to power your business, everything and everyone suffers. Hiring managers don’t have time to interview, critical work goes undone, people are stretched to breaking point, staff turnover increases, investors lose confidence, and you’re unable to serve your clients so they walk away.

With Cleeve Partnership on board, you can relax knowing the future of your business is secure. You get access to a larger talent pool, people are always there when you need them, all critical work gets done on time, people stick around, your investors are satisfied, and your clients get the service they deserve.

The net result?

Growth becomes inevitable.

Guaranteed fit

We guarantee a 360° fit for your business due to the efficacy of our selection and sourcing process.

All your needs

We cover ALL your recruitment needs from C-suite to project managers. From strategy to onboarding.


We have a radically different approach to pricing based around a partnership, service-based model that is designed to fit your budget.

Top tier service

The power of a Fortune500 talent function, scaled to suit smaller needs and budgets.

Leading expertise and technology

The Cleeve technology provides the cornerstone of our service. Enabling us to widen the net for our clients, to search at scale and look beyond just ‘hard skills’, which are no predictor of job success.

  • Fast and accurate world leading assessment capability without the cost.
  • Fully bespoke psychometric and behavioural profiling tailored to your needs.
  • We dive into attitude, work ethic and alignment to your business culture.

Combined with our process and expertise this underpins our confidence to get it right every time.


We put the pieces of the jigsaw together to bring you the right person who is the right fit. We have the versatility to do all your recruitment at every level for your business. From your Chairman to your Project Managers, through to your Receptionist and everyone in between, we have recruited them all.


We are experts. Real headhunters. We find your talent wherever they may be. Whether from bigger corporates or start-ups or SMEs to the young superstar PhD you might need. If there is a profile you need, we work with you to get you the best.


You have to compete when attracting talent. We are used to competing against the biggest or fastest growing companies and brands in the world. Our experience and business knowledge means we are experts at bringing the right people into the recruitment process.


Successful recruitment requires extensive expertise, perspective and knowledge. CV’s do not tell the whole truth. We are experts, supporting you with the level of assessment and tools that until now was only affordable to bigger global businesses.


Our service does not stop at finding great people. Post offer that first 6 months is the most critical stage for any new hire. It is both uncertain and the time of greatest risk. We are still there with you during this time. Ensuring that successful outcome.

We are so confident in our process and approach, that if we get it wrong during any one year, we replace free of charge.